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Our Achievements

What does our Impact Footprint look like?

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Hand Sanitizers

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Success Of the Youth

Youth communities have stepped up within the crisis, including youth communities associated with the WHO, UNICEF and the World Economic Forum. The Global Shapers Community (GSC), a group of young changemakers around the world convened by the World Economic Forum, has played an important role driving dialogue around the imminent pandemic and encouraging community members to take decisive action – 8 days prior to the pandemic. 


This community allowed the dispersion of accurate information about Covid 19 through the campaign #PreventionOverPanic - designed to simultaneously encourage risk-mitigating activities and respond to pervasive levels of anxiety.


With the success of this campaign, reverberating over 1000 times in over 70 countries, the community sought to deepen its footprint through launching and supporting projects aimed at tangible outcomes in several corners of the world. To date, these projects have directly assisted near 2 million beneficiaries, raised over 500,000, donated over a million PPEs and have brought myriad resources to underprivileged communities around the world. 


Youth represent a powerful force for influencing vaccine equity towards global recovery

We believe that the youth can play a critical role in defining the extent of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and identifying current country-specific challenges to vaccine uptake. These solutions can be packaged into targeted interventions designed to fill the gaps left by top-down initiatives. now is the moment to ensure that a voice of equity remains vital and attempts to truly remove barriers to vaccine manufacturing and distribution are addressed so that a truly global recovery can take place.

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